Banana is one of the most delicious and the least expensive fruits. The most important efficacy of bananas is they supply lots of nutrients essential for the human body. Eating bananas in any form will aid in digestion, healthy skin, hair and smooth function of a healthy body. You can enjoy banana singly, with breakfast or dessert or as a shake. Especially banana shake is a blessing for our hair. In this article, we will talk about 8 banana shake benefits for hair that will amaze you.

You’ll know the positive effects of regular drinking of banana shake on your hair. Also, we will tell you which nutrients does a banana contain. As a bonus, we will also provide some exclusive banana packs for your hair. You must be excited to know these pieces of information? We’ll not make you wait. Let’s grab the knowledge about banana shakes.

Amazing nutritive value of Banana Shake:

Banana shake is beneficial for our hair mainly because of the key nutrients it contains. Let’s know how many nutrients we can get from a glass of a plain banana Shake:

● Vitamin A

● Vitamin B6

● Vitamin C

● Carbohydrates

● Potassium

● Folic Acid

● Iron

● Protein

● Magnesium

● Fibre

● Antioxidant

● Natural oil

There are so many! Isn’t it? You can now easily understand that this drink holds all the nutrients crucial for our hair health. Now it’s the time to know the particular benefits of banana shake in our hair.

8 Amazing Banana Shake benefits for Hair:

As we said before, a banana shake is surprisingly beneficial for our hair. From hair nourishment to hair treatment, this drink can highly serve you with its ample nutrients. The most agreeable banana shake benefits for hair are: ,  

1. Improving Hair Structure 

Do you know what is the base of healthy hair? The fundamental is having a good structure. Our hair is mainly structured by a kind of hardened protein “Keratin”. The quality protein we get from banana shake works for developing keratin. So it’s expected that it makes a better structure. For this, our hair becomes deeply nourished and healthy.

Just like a building with a strong foundation can endure and serve us well, our hair with a healthy structure looks attractive and perfect. Moreover, vitamin C increases collagen production which helps improve the tissue of our hair. It helps each hair to grow thin naturally. It also makes our hair tolerant of chemicals, sun exposure dust and other pollutions. So if you want hair of good structure and good endurance, you must take a banana shake regularly.

2. Promoting Hair Growth

If you want to make your hair grow longer in a short time, a banana shake can be a perfect drink for you. It holds a couple of nutrients that promote healthy hair growth. First of all, it contains vitamin B. This vitamin is widely known for nourishing our hair. It provides beta carotene as well. It is used for speedy hair growth. 

So, taking this regularly through banana shake will enhance your hair growth. Secondly, protein is an important element for the growth of our hair. Banana shake gives us protein as well. Thirdly, there appears vitamin A. This vitamin plays a great role in growing the tissues of our body.  Hair is the fastest growing tissue of our whole body. 

Vitamin A makes this growth faster to a high extent. So, banana shake proved beneficial from this angle. Last but not the least, the antioxidant we get from the shake also contributes to hair growth. It reduces the tendency of brittle and split end hair. It also creates a defense system in the scalp and here which fights against all the hair problems in hair growth. Thus,  it enables a long hustle free hair growth. So, make the shake your daily companion to get fast hair growth.

3. Reducing Hair Fall 

Most of us remain worried about our hair fall problem. It can be for many reasons like anaemia, hair damage or chemical reaction. Banana shake saves you in this regard. It contains vitamin B6 which creates beta Carotene. Beta carotene is a great remedy for hair fall problems. It makes hair roots and follicles stronger .Thus , it controls hair fall or thinning the hair. Also, the biotin we get from vitamin B is an excellent treatment for hair fall.

Another valuable element is potassium. It makes our hair strong enough to prevent falling. There is one nutrient that plays multiple roles in preventing hair fall. It is the priceless nutrient we bear in our blood “iron”. It helps nourish the whole hair structure and deeply strengthen it. As a result, the tendency of hair falling reduces magically. Also, iron prevents anaemia which is a root cause of hair fall. So, it will be a great idea to drink a banana shake to take all the remedies of hair fall. 

4. Preventing Dandruff 

You may be thinking that how a simple shake can prevent hair problem like ‘Dandruff’! It is a familiar fact that fungal infection on our scalps causes dandruff. The banana shake contains a good deal of antioxidants.

These effective antioxidants have antibacterial and antifungal properties. It prevents the bacteria and fungus from spreading. Thus it checks  dandruff. We know that dandruff ignites itching and discomfort on our scalp. Antioxidants reduce these problems as well.

5. Improving Scalp Health

There is a very crucial element that improves both the health of our scalp and hair. It is also called ‘the natural conditioner’ for hair. This necessary element is known as ‘Sebum’. Vitamin A makes it possible to create sebum in our scalp. For its oily nature, it moisturizes our scalps which improves our scalp health and solves problems like the itchy and dry scalp.

After that, it nourishes the hair and works like a good conditioner. And in the end, it makes the scalp and hair very smooth and lustrous. Again, vitamin B also contributes to enrich our scalps and making them disease-free. So, would you mind trying a banana shake for improving your scalp?

6. Making Hair Shiny

Banana Shake supplies us with folic acid. This nutrient plays several important roles in our hair. It well moisturizes the hair as well as keep it hydrated. Moisture and hydration are the preconditions of getting shiny hair. On the other hand, potassium helps increase “shine” and “lusters” in our hair. 

As a result, your hair starts to shine more and makes your look prettier. We all desire lustrous hair which will always look shiny. So, you must agree that there is no such easily available way of it except drinking banana shake regularly. 

7. Smoothening the  Hair

Bananas are high in silica contents, so is banana shake. This content also produces a protein, collagen in our body. This protein helps to gain the natural elasticity of our hair. Moreover, potassium, vitamin B6, carbohydrates, magnesium etc also nourish our hair.

All of them together brings a smooth texture. If you are disgusted with dry hair, especially in the winter season, a banana shake can be your weapon. Drink it daily to get nourished smooth hair. We guarantee you that this smoothness will make you keep touching your hair.

8. Repairing Damaged Hair

Who does not dream of getting a bunch of damage-free hair? But we fail to maintain it for some unavoidable problems like roughness, split ends, hair breaking etc. Banana shake can promise you to prevent these problems. Drinking it gradually improves the volume and manageability of our hair. All the nutrients work together to retain the natural nutrients that had nourishment in the hair.

They also repair the hair follicle. In this way, they can prevent the roughness and dryness of the hair. Then they strengthen our hair and repair the damaged locks. It prevents split ends and hair breakage. They save our hair from environmental pollution and sun exposure as well. Last but not the least, they bring smoothness and shine to the damaged hair by locking moisture. You can be regular with drinking a banana shake for repairing your damaged hair.

5 Banana Hair Pack Recipes:

After reading the benefits of banana shake, you must be excited now to try it. After all, it is one of the easiest ways of hair care. Let us quickly tell you that using a banana hair pack is also an easy method to improve your hair. You may be thinking how can you make it?  For your convenience, We are giving 5 banana hair pack recipes that are incredibly good for hair.

1. Banana And Honey Hair Pack

Honey is enriched with antioxidants. It can condition and protect your scalp. Honey with banana is an excellent moisturizer. This pack is mainly for dandruff and deep conditioning your scalp and hair.


● 1/2–1 tablespoon Honey.  It depends on your hair  length 

● 1–2 ripe bananas

● Water

How to prepare?

Smash the ripe bananas smoothly. After well smashing, put it in a bowl and mix some honey. It should get the perfect texture for applying in the hair. You can use some water for this.

2. Banana And Coconut Hair Pack

Banana and coconut is a great combination for making hair silky and smooth.  You can apply this after dying your hair.


  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil of room temperature 
  • 1–2 ripe bananas

How to prepare?

It’s very simple. Just blend the ripe banana nicely. Pour this mixture into a bowl. Then mix pure coconut oil with it.

3. Banana And Avocado Hair Pack

Avocado has a considerable number of hair benefits.  This fruit magically nourishes our hair and repair damage. With banana, it ensures overall healthy hair treatment. 


● 1 ripe avocado

● 1–2 ripe bananas

How to Prepare?

Blend avocado and banana. When it will turn into a light green creamy texture, it is ready to apply to your hair.

4. Banana And Egg Hair Pack

This pack mainly works for promoting hair growth. Eggs hold a lot of protein which aids in hair growth. Another important elements of egg get mixed with bananas and make hair soft,  smooth and shiny.


● 1 egg

● 1–2 ripe bananas

How to prepare?

Firstly smash the bananas well till they turn into a smooth paste. Then crack the egg in a bowl and put the banana paste into it. Mix them very well with a hand blender. It should get a smooth and creamy texture to apply in your hair.

5. Mixed Banana Hair Pack

This is the most useful banana hair pack so far. This pack is a combination of all of the above ingredients. It moisturises the hair, nourishes it, prevents damage and reduces dandruff.  So you can use this pack for multiple purposes


● 1/2 ripe avocado

● Olive oil 1/2 tablespoon

● Coconut oil 1/2 tablespoon

● Honey 1/2 tablespoon

● 1 egg

● 1 ripe banana

How to prepare?

Take all the ingredients in the blender and blend them. Pour the mixture into a bowl and it is ready to apply to your hair.


We have tried to shed light on 8 banana shake benefits for hair that will amaze you. Bananas are such an effective fruit for hair growth, nourishment and treatment! From the fruit to the pile, it benefits us wonderfully. When it is combined with other fruits or natural nutrients, it blasts in productivity.

So, you can consider both banana shake and hair pack as a wise choice for your hair care. Let us not lose the opportunity of caring for your hair with this fabulous fruit. Use it in any form which you feel is convenient for you. Care for your hair with this healthy and reasonable fruit. Best of luck for your hair care. We hope your hair will get high-quality nutrients and nourishment. 

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