Gain weight and muscle are like a dream for a slim and lean person. Many people think that gaining weight can be detrimental to health. However, if you increase the weight and muscle by following the proper rules, it will not be harmful to your health. A healthy person can build about 227g of muscle per week if he tries regularly.

If you want to increase your weight and muscle, then you need to change a few habits. However, if you do not follow the proper rules, you can get various diseases in your body and weight. Here we will discuss some of the topics you can follow to quickly and safely build weight and muscle.
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How To Gain Weight And Muscle?

If you want to gain weight and muscle then read this part carefully. Here we have shared a few tips that you can follow to gain weight and muscle quickly and safely.

1. Setting a Goals 

You should set a goal before making any decision. SO, set a goal for weight and muscle building. It would be best to plan your diet based on how many days you want to gain weight and muscle. If you want to gain weight in less time, you need to exercise more and eat more. However, before planning any diet, you must get checked up by your doctor.

2. Eat the Right Breakfast

Weight gain foods are the most important for weight gain and muscle growth. The proper breakfast makes your day a beautiful start. So eat calorie-rich vegetables and fresh fruits for breakfast. Also, eat smoothies and cottage cheese for breakfast if you want to build muscle. People who do not eat breakfast properly suffer from various health problems.

3. Eat Every Three Hours

Maintain proper timing of meals for weight and muscle gain. We recommend eating every three hours for weight and muscle gain. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day properly. Also, eating every three hours will not make you hungry.

4. Eat Protein with Each Meal

It would be best if you created a weight gain diet plan for weight and muscle gain. Try to eat protein with every meal you eat. Fish, meat, eggs, and dairy foods will give you the protein you need to gain weight and muscle. You can also eat lentils, tofu, seeds, and nuts to meet your protein needs.

5. Eat Fruit and Vegetables 

If you eat every three hours for weight gain, your body fat may increase. However, if you eat fruits and vegetables, it will keep your stomach full without increasing your fat. They are also rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, which help indigestion.

6. Eat Carbs After a Workout

Workout is very beneficial for health through which a lot of energy is expended. It increases the need for more energy in your body. So, if you eat carbs after every workout, it will provide you with the energy you need. However, eat carbs only after a workout. Avoid rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, quinoa, oats, etc., at this time.

7. Drink Water 

A lot of energy is expended for the workout, which results in a lot of sweat coming out of the body. Excessive sweating leads to dehydration which can impair muscle recovery. So, it will not increase your muscle mass. So drink plenty of water regularly as water prevents dehydration due to sweating.

8. Eat More Calories 

It would be best if you ate more calories to gain weight. However, to gain weight per pound of body weight, you need to eat an average of 3,550 calories. So, if you want to gain one pound of weight in a week, you need about 500 calories in a day. Make a list of weight and muscle gain diets for seven days. Calorie intake may vary for different ages so seek the advice of a doctor.

9. Eat Energy-dense Foods 

Eat energy-dense foods without overeating; it will make you stronger without increasing your fat. Energy-dense foods are; Avocados, nuts, olive oil, dried fruits, etc. Also, these foods will give you the energy you need without filling your stomach.

10. Do Regular Exercise

Exercise is the most important thing to build muscle, so do a few special exercises regularly. You can do heavy-weight core exercises, upper body exercises, lower body exercises to build muscle. You can do exercises at home or a gym.

The Final Verdict

Overall, if you want to gain weight and muscle, then you need a proper diet plan. You will have more food than before. You should eat foods that increase weight without increasing your body fat. So we recommend eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. So, do the right exercises along with food to build muscle. If you have benefited from our article, and visit our site for others health information.

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